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Why have a hypnobirth?

baby in towel

* Be calm and in control * Reduce or eliminate fear * Promote Lactation *

* Reduce the need for intervention * Reduce the need for medication *

* Manage sensations of discomfort * Calmer, more contented babies * Shorten labour *

*Use breathing techniques that help the birth * Fewer surgical births *

* More chance of turning breech Babies * Reduced incidence of P.N.D *

* Higher APGAR scores *  Father or birthing partner actively involved *

I train women to use advanced hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare mind and body for birth, teach them how to use hypnosis for pain   management. and to trust in their body, so that they can enter labour calm,

confident and in control.





Giving birth should be your greatest achievement...

Not your greatest fear

You can't stop the waves

.....but you can

learn to surf