Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society

Member of the Institute of Brain Working Recursive Therapy

Founder Member The British Brainworking Research Society

Member of the Professional Standard Authority

Gold Standard Professional Therapist

Certified Easibirthing Practioner

Accredited by  the General Hypnotherapy Standards council

Accredited by the National Counselling Society

Accredited by the royal college of nursing


Elaine bradbury Dip.Hyp.cs.Mhs.chbp.MIBWRT(A.P)

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[email protected]    07872 186382

As a Dental nurse I saw patients suffering from anxiety and phobias almost daily. I held their hand and talked calmly to them and did all I could to relax and calm them, but I knew there had to be a way to make a permanent difference to people, so I gave up my job and went to study Hypnotherapy.

I was excited to find just how much Hypnotherapy could help almost anything that affects your life.

After qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I continued to study, learning new techniques and therapies, becoming a Certified Hypno Birthing Therapist, an Advanced Weight Control and Stomach Banding Therapist, an EMDR Practioner, a Quit Smoking Practioner and most recently a Certified BWRT Practioner, which although a relatively new therapy I believe will be the biggest therapy in the future.

I have a calm, understanding and friendly personality, making you feel at ease throughout any session.

I really do understand just how your Anxieties, Fears and Phobias make you feel, and although others will have the same problems, your symptoms are unique to you

I have a criminal records bureau disclosure for your peace of mind.

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